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Sydney Tour Guide Insights

Here are a few of my tips, tricks and insights acquired through my life as a Sydney tour guide.


Scroll down below and you’ll find a collection of short stories, videos and interviews on everything from what to do in Sydney, what food to try, to how to catch local transport.

If you’re a hiker (we call them bushwalkers here) there are videos on walks you can take within the beautiful Berowra region. Berowra is only a 45 minute train ride from Sydney and it's worth the effort to come and spend the day hiking up here.

There’s virtual guiding videos here too! What’s a virtual guide I hear you say?


Let me explain....

During the devastating Covid pandemic period of 2019-2020, I had to change my role as a driver/guide into a virtual tour guide.


This was an exciting transition, as it meant I could take as many guests as I wanted with me for walks into the wilderness, sometimes up to 300 at a time!

I was based in the bush, live-streaming video and chatting to guests from my mobile phone. I could be following wallabies, looking for snakes, finding lost hikers… and having so much fun! The tour became recognised internationally, I made it to Forbes's top virtual tours in the world list!

At one stage, in an independent virtual tour guiding company I collected over 1200 5-star reviews.


My time as a famous virtual guide wasn’t to last forever. After a while, and over a year of sitting in a cave in the bush, waiting for equipment batteries to recharge, chatting all day through a phone and walking up and down the same 500 metre track, the novelty wore off.

Covid became less of a disruption to normal life and eventually international tourists were allowed back into the country again. Congratulations, we have ALL made it out the other side!

Time to get back into tour guiding again :)

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