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Panoramic ariel photo of beutiful beach

Things To Do In Central Coast

Here's a comprehensive list of things to do in Central Coast. It’s where Sydney locals go to escape for a weekend.

You’ll know that you’ve arrived in this special part of NSW when you drive cross the majestic Hawkesbury River.


This enormous waterway fringes the southern region and it’s here that you’ll find  a popular boat launching ramp for the local fishermen and the Broken  Bay Pearl Farm, which produce the purest pearls in the world.

Next door to the pearl farm is the Hawkesbury River Oyster Shed. Drop in and say hi to Deb and Pete, they’ll look after you and will make sure you have the best table and chairs overlooking the river.

It’s also the perfect stop on your way home - perfect at sunset with a glass of chilled wine.

A few minutes drive on expressway through national parks, is my favourite and my guests favourite tour stop, Walkabout Park. Drop in at this animal sanctuary in the bush and hug an emu or pat a kangaroo.

Tucked on the side of a valley and easy to miss, is the picturesque city and commercial hub of Gosford. It has everything you need and some fantastic restaurants and cafes as well.

However, the real attraction of the area is the waterways and beaches, stunning coastline.

There are at least forty different beaches here, each with its own charm. Some have small pretty villages on their shores, other beaches line the edge of pristine national parks.

My favourite beaches are Avoca and Pearl Beach. These are two destinations that we explore on the tour.

Then theres the fine local produce that the region is famous for...


There's Firescreek Winery, producing organic botanical wines, the Distillery Botanica, so many places worth visiting on a weekend getaway.


Read some posts below and plan your escape…

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