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"I promise to bring you Sydney’s best nature and wildlife day tours!"

For those in search of an extraordinary experience beyond the usual Sydney day tours, and want an authentic adventure away from the crowds...

Sydney Guided Tours stands out from the regular tour operators in this dynamic city. I believe that if you want to experience real Australia, you should see it with a born and bred Aussie local.

My mission is to reveal the genuine essence of Sydney life, the way locals truly experience it – often surrounded by the breathtaking natural wonders just beyond the city limits.

Born and raised in Sydney, I'm deeply passionate about our unspoiled landscapes, diverse flora, and captivating fauna, I've spent my weekends and holidays discovering the hidden gems tucked away on the outskirts of the city.

Now, I'm eager to share these precious discoveries with you.

I understand that your time in Sydney is valuable, and you crave an authentic experience. That's why, on my tours, you won't:

- Find yourself waiting in long tourist queues.
- Waste precious moments stuck in traffic.
- Embark on tedious, lengthy drives to remote destinations just for a fleeting glimpse of sights.

But that's not all. As a seasoned professional photographer and videographer, I'm not just your guide; I'm your personal means to capture Sydney's natural marvels.

Allow me to assist you in capturing those extraordinary moments through my camera lens, creating enduring memories of your Sydney journey.

With Sydney Guided Tours, you won't merely be visiting; you'll be immersing yourself, savoring every moment, and preserving each breathtaking experience.

Embrace Sydney like a local, discover its hidden treasures, and let me transform your visit into an authentic, unforgettable adventure.

Want to know more about what's beind the tours?
Watch a recent interview with Matt here.


Man with camera

"My tours are inclusive of complimentary professional photography!"

Matt Urmenyhazi
Tour Director and Wildlife Whisperer

Sydney Guided Tours

Four women jumping
Take 3 for the Sea logo

"In alignment with Take 3 For the Sea, our tour guides actively combat plastic pollution by collecting a minimum of three pieces of rubbish on each tour, promoting global awareness and responsibility for ocean protection."

"Why I do what I do."

Back in the early 80s, right after waving goodbye to school life, I went on a crazy adventure—hitchhiking solo around Australia for 14 months. It wasn't just about the sights and miles; it was about the people I met.

Aussies are a generous bunch, they took me in like a lost cousin. I also hooked
up with fellow travelers from every corner of the globe.


Those months were like a masterclass in life, giving me a whole new perspective and opening up a world of experiences.

Fast forward to today, and I'm not the hitchhiker anymore; I'm the one behind the wheel. No, not a taxi driver, but a private driver guide showing international visitors around the natural wonders of Australia.


It's like life's way of saying, "Hey, time to give back!"

:) Matt

Man hitchhiking

Since 1982, Matt's faithful Akubra bush hat has journeyed with him through countless adventures. This snapshot was taken in the middle of nowhere, a few hundred kilometers south of Perth, Western Australia, during his 14-month hitchhiking escapade.

Aboriginal heritage
Aboriginal rock carving

Our Vast Aboriginal Heritage

Many of the areas we visit are rich in Aboriginal history. As a volunteer site monitor with the Aboriginal Heritage Office, I spend spare time discovering new sites and making sure these aren't vandalised.

Aboriginal paintings and carvings are on my tour.


I recognise the unique position of Aboriginal people in Australian culture and history and have a deep respect for Aboriginal people.

Koala close-up
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