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I've combined the best features in Sydney day tours to bring you the ultimate nature and wildlife experience

For visitors who have ticked off the ‘bucket-list’ Sydney day tours and are ready for something fresh and authentic, closer to nature and away from the masses…

I’m sure you’ve noticed that Sydney Guided Tours is unlike any other tour operator in Sydney. I take you to places that aren’t on traditional tourist paths.

My goal is to show you what "Sydneysiders" get up to in their time off, often in the stunning natural environments located just outside of Sydney.

As a born and bred Sydney local who is passionate about our natural landscape, flora and fauna, I’ve spent my weekends and holidays discovering the hidden jewels located on the other side of Sydney.
I’d like to share them with you.

I respect that your holiday time in Sydney is precious and that you want to have an authentic Sydney experience!

So, here’s what you won’t do on my tour:

- wait in line with hordes of tourists
- sit forever in traffic
- drive for hours to distant locations - just to look at sites!

As a professional photographer and videographer, I’m passionate about documenting Sydney’s natural treasures.
I’d love to help you capture your best shots too!

Want to know more about what's beind the tour?
Watch a recent interview with Matt here.


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"Complimentary professional photos of you on the tour included!"

Matt Urmenyhazi,
Sydney Guided Tours Founder

My "Why?"

Why am I a tour guide?

In the early 80's, one week after finishing school, I hitchhiked solo around Australia for 14 months. I ended up on the receiving end of generosity from other Australians and built lifelong friendships with Aussies and travelers from abroad.

This period of my life was both humbling and transformative. I was exposed different opportunities, the wonders of traveling and meeting people from different cultures.

Now, I've changed seats. I'm no longer the lone, grateful, hitchhiking passenger but a private driver/guide, with the opportunity to now share the wonders of Australia's natural environment with others.

Maybe it's  all part of the “hitchhikers karmic circle”?

As a tour guide I now have the opportunity to pay back my "karmic debt" with the same friendship and generosity I received many years ago from fellow travelers and guides.

If you're coming to Australia and would like to experience the best of Australian nature and wildlife within a day, then I promise that this is the best tour in Sydney for you.

I’d love to show you another side of Sydney.

Cheers, Matt

Man hitch hiking

Matt's had his Akubra bush hat since 1982 when he hitchhiked around Australia for 14 months.

Aboriginal heritage
Aboriginal rock carving

Our Vast Aboriginal Heritage

Many of the areas we visit are rich in Aboriginal history. As a volunteer site monitor with the Aboriginal Heritage Office, I spend spare time discovering new sites and making sure these aren't vandalised.

Aboriginal paintings and carvings are on my tour.


I recognise the unique position of Aboriginal people in Australian culture and history and have a deep respect for Aboriginal people.

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