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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?

  • Please advise dietary requirements or preferences upon booking.

  • Please wear comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen and hat.

  • In warmer months, swimming at the beach or bathing under the waterfall is possible, please bring a towel and swimming costumes.

  • Children should bring an extra set of shoes or clothes if playing in water and not swimming.

  • A compulsory booster seat is provided for children between the ages of 4 - 7. Please inform upon booking.

Do you visit the Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains is in the opposite direction to this tour. It’s a two and a half hour drive each way and is not included in in the tour for a few reasons. It’s a long drive, there are hordes of visitors and associated traffic, and views are often obscured by fog.

The NATURE AND WILDLIFE BIG DAY OUT tour has spectacular views that rival the mountains, check the Photos section of this website. It’s quite possible that you will be the only person at these little-known viewpoints.

Of course if you feel that you really should visit the Blue Mountains, a separate tour could be arranged.

Do you visit the Hunter Valley?

The Hunter Valley wine growing region is a three-hour drive from Sydney, it's a long way to go to buy wine that you could pick up from a local store.

Guests have the option to visit Firescreek Botanical Winery and Distillery Botanica where gin is produced. These boutique outlets are both set in lush gardens and free tasting is available. More information can be found in the Blog pages.

Can we pat koalas?

Yes, there are koalas at Walkabout Park and for a small additional fee you can pat them. If you would like to get up close, touch and learn more about these cute little stinkers, it’s $20 extra for each person, payable to the park.

We have different levels of mobility. Can this be accommodated?

Each individual tour is customised to suit different levels of mobility. Some groups prefer to go off deep down into the valleys to find hidden Aboriginal carvings, while others may be more comfortable with a light stroll along a boardwalk through a mangrove forest. This tour is "inter-generational" so everyone’s abilities are accommodated for.

Do you pick up from the airport or port?

Guests can be picked up from both locations, or anywhere within central Sydney to start the tour. Please advise upon booking.

Can we start at an earlier or later time?

We see a lot of sites in the day so ideally it’s best to start at 8:00am. However the tour can be ammended and arranged so the you can get the most out of your day.

Why are some venues only open Wednesday to Sundays?

This is Australia and unfortunately, some things just don’t make sense.

What happens it rains?

Umbrellas are carried for everyone, so no need to pack your own. The tour operates rain or shine as there are many alternative options for us.


If the forecast is for dangerous weather that will ruin our fun, we will contact you with the option to rebook. In the event of extreme weather conditions, refunds will be given.

What should we wear?

Sydney has a long summer with warm weather. Summer temperature ranges from 60 to 80 degrees so lightweight clothing, is suitable. Please wear comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen and a hat. Winter can be cooler so a jacket and comfortable jeans is advisable.

What is the temperature going to be like?

Here is a list of minimum to maximum average temperatures.

   •    Jan 68 - 79°F
   •    Feb 68 - 77°F
   •    Mar 65 - 75°F
   •    Apr 60 - 71°F
   •    May 54 - 66°F
   •    Jun 51 - 62°F
   •    Jul 49 - 61°F
   •    Aug 50 - 63°F
   •    Sep 54 - 68°F
   •    Oct 58 - 71°F
   •    Nov 62 - 73°F
   •    Dec 65 - 76°F

Can we buy souvenirs on this tour?

We visit a few boutique places where local produce is grown. Honey, delicious fruit wine and gin, oysters and chocolate are available. Other more "touristy" wildlife souveniers are available from Walkabout Park.

How long are kangaroos pregnant for?

"Just long enough!" Thanks to one of my guests for answering this one. :)

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If you have any other questions please email me at:

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