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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you visit the Hunter Valley Wineries?

The Sydney's 2 Day Nature Escape takes you to the gateway of the Hunter Valley wine-growing region. Guests on the Nature and Wildlife Australia in One Day and Horse Riding, Kangaroos and Koalas tours can even add a touch of class by visiting Firescreek Winery and Distillery Botanica – for gin. These unique havens, set in lush gardens, offer free tastings. More information can be found in our Blog pages.

Can we get close to koalas?

Absolutely! Our Nature and Wildlife: Australia in One Day, 2 Day Nature Escape and Horse Riding tours visit the Australian Reptile Park where you get a private session with koalas - free!

For the Blue Mountains tour, a tiny extra fee of $30 for each person, payable to Featherdale Wildlife Park, lets you give them a friendly pat and have your photo taken with them.

What about varied mobility levels?

No problem. Every tour is a tailored experience, accommodating different mobility levels. From deep valley explorations to leisurely strolls on mangrove boardwalks, each "inter-generational" tour is your versatile adventure.

Do you pick up from anywhere within Sydney?

We can fetch you from the airport, port, or anywhere in central Sydney. Just give us the heads-up when booking.

Can we start our tour sooner or later?

We're all about making your day epic, so the tour generally starts at 8:00 am to pack in the sights. But, we can rearrange the puzzle pieces to make sure your day's a masterpiece.

Why are some venues closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday?

Welcome to Australia, where some things defy logic – like midweek venue schedules. This includes Broken Bay Pearl Farm, Firescreek Winery and the Distillery Botanica. It's just part of their quirky charm.

What about weather cancellations?

Don't worry about the weather. Umbrellas are on the house. Rain or shine, we roll. And if the forecast gets grim, we'll chat about rebooking. Extreme weather? We've got refunds lined up.

What do we wear?

Sydney's endless summer calls for breezy attire. Expect temperatures between 60 and 80°F. Slip into comfy shoes, slather on sunscreen, and rock a hat.

When winter chills in, bundle up in cozy jeans and a jacket.


What else do we need to bring?

- Share your dietary requirements or preferences when booking.
- Slip into comfy walking shoes, slap on some sunscreen, and top it off with a stylish hat.
- In the warmer months, you can swim at the beach or bask under the waterfall – don't forget a towel and your beach gear.
- If your little ones are water-bound but not swimming, make sure they've got an extra set of clothes or shoes.
- For kids aged 4 to 7, a mandatory booster seat is available. Just let us know when booking.

What are Sydney's average temperatures?

Here's the deal on average temperatures:

January: 68 - 79°F
February: 68 - 77°F
March: 65 - 75°F
April: 60 - 71°F
May: 54 - 66°F
June: 51 - 62°F
July: 49 - 61°F
August: 50 - 63°F
September: 54 - 68°F
October: 58 - 71°F
November: 62 - 73°F
December: 65 - 76°F

Can we shop for souveniers?

Absolutely! Our stops include local gems where you can pick up regional treats like fine wines, gin, and chocolate.

Aboriginal art can be bought directly from Garry Purchase, whom you can meet in person - just let us know! We encourage buying authentic Aboriginal art as it shows cultural respect, supports Indigenous communities economically, preserves their heritage, and offers higher quality and value compared to imitations.

On the 2-Day Nature Escape you can immerse yourself in Wollombi's vibrant arts and crafts scene, featuring finely crafted jewelry and other handmade items reflecting the area's natural beauty.

For traditional mementos, The Australian Reptile Park and Featherdale offer wildlife-themed souvenirs like postcards, magnets, and T-shirts.

How long is a kangaroo pregnant for?

"Just long enough!" Kudos to a witty guest for this gem. The real duration is just over 6 months

Vertical photo of waterfall

If you have any other questions please email me at:

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