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Beware of Imitation Sydney Tours: Discover the Original "Private Central Coast Outdoor Nature Tour"

Updated: Apr 18

The word FAKE written across a valley view
The original tour - handcrafted by a local resident

Authenticity is the cornerstone of exceptional Sydney tours. When I designed the Nature and Wildlife: Australia in One Day tour, it was never about a specific destination, like another cloned Blue Mountains or Sydney city tour; it was about the remarkable journey itself. Unfortunately, an imitation tour has shamelessly replicated my meticulously crafted itinerary, using the same words as mine to describe the activities and experiences. But fear not, I am here to unveil the true Original Nature and Wildlife: Australia in One Day.

As a passionate advocate for the beauty of the Berowra Valley and

Sydney tours

Central Coast region, it is my responsibility to warn you about imitations that fall short of an authentic experience. In this blog post, I will emphasize the significance of authenticity and introduce you to the one and only Original Nature and Wildlife Big Day Out.


Immerse yourself in the allure of the Berowra Valley, only to discover that some imitation tours make grand promises they cannot fulfill. They may showcase pictures of remote locations too inaccessible to visit, or glamorous images sourced from the web. In stark contrast, I take pride in my transparency, capturing every photograph personally and knowing each location intimately. The captivating images I use are authentic snapshots of the breathtaking landscapes you will encounter.


Two teens and a man

Born and raised in Sydney, my love for its bushland runs deep. Over the past fifty years, I have explored every corner, delving into the heart of the Sydney bush. Yet, my role as a tour operator is not merely to display tourist destinations; it is to share my home, the local stories, the flora and fauna, and the vibrant culture of this area with you. When you join my tour, you become part of my family, not just a guest.

I believe, without a deep-rooted local connection and an intimate knowledge of Australian plants and wildlife, the task of delivering an authentic nature tour becomes an arduous challenge.


The Original Nature and Wildlife Big Day Out Tour is a labor of love, honed and perfected over time. It is the result of years of listening to guest feedback, refining the itinerary, and adding unique touches to ensure you experience the ultimate Australian nature and wildlife adventure. In just one unforgettable day, you will witness the evolution of a tour designed with passion and dedication.


Prepare yourself for an unparalleled adventure. My passion lies in discovering hidden local gems that even most residents have yet to uncover. I have scoured every corner of the Berowra Valley and Central Coast region, seeking out those off-the-beaten-path locations that epitomize the raw beauty and tranquility of the Australian bush and coastline. Join my tour and embark on an authentic journey curated by someone who intimately knows and loves this region.

When seeking an authentic nature and wildlife experience on the Berowra Valley and Central Coast, discernment is crucial. Do not be deceived by imitations that fail to deliver on their promises. Choose the one and only Nature and Wildlife - Australia in one Day tour, where you will be embraced by warmth and sincerity, discover the region's hidden treasures, and forge lifelong memories. Do not settle for anything less—join me for the adventure of a lifetime!

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