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Discover the White-Bellied Sea Eagle: Facts and Sightings on Our Tours

A white eagle perched on a tree branch

Imagine the thrill of watching a powerful raptor with a wingspan of up to 2 meters soaring high above you. This is the experience that awaits you on our coastal tours, where the White-bellied Sea Eagle, Australia's second-largest raptor, often makes a breathtaking appearance. For those interested in White Bellied Sea Eagle facts, one of our guests recently captured an extraordinary photo of this majestic bird perched on a cliff, using a powerful 600mm lens. It's moments like these that make our tours unforgettable.

A Regular Spectacle

The White-bellied Sea Eagle is a common sight in coastal and near-coastal areas of Australia, as well as along inland river systems. On our tours, it's not unusual to see these magnificent birds cruising the coastal breezes or perched high in a tree, scanning the waters below for their next meal. They have a distinctive, loud "goose-like" honk, which is particularly prevalent during the breeding season from May to October.

A Global Citizen

While they are a staple of the Australian landscape, these eagles are also found in New Guinea, Indonesia, China, Southeast Asia, and India. They are true global citizens of the avian world, showcasing their impressive hunting skills across a diverse range of habitats.

Kings of the Sky

White-bellied Sea Eagles are formidable hunters. Their diet primarily consists of fish, turtles, and sea snakes, but they are also known to take birds and mammals, including the occasional flying fox. Their hunting prowess is on full display when they harass smaller birds into dropping their food or when they swoop down to snatch up prey as large as a swan. Despite their solitary feeding habits, you might occasionally witness them feeding in pairs or family groups.

Nesting and Breeding

These eagles are monogamous, forming permanent pairs that maintain territories year-round. They build large stick nests, which they use for multiple seasons. These nests can be found in tall trees, on the ground, or on rocky outcrops, and are often lined with fresh green leaves and twigs at the start of the breeding season. While the female does most of the incubation, the male also takes on this duty occasionally.

Vulnerable and Precious

Listed as Vulnerable in New South Wales, the White-bellied Sea Eagle is a species that needs our appreciation and protection. Seeing these birds in the wild is a privilege, and our tours offer you a chance to contribute to their conservation by raising awareness about their plight.

A Sizeable Comparison

To give you a sense of scale, the White-bellied Sea Eagle is comparable in size to the American Bald Eagle, one of the most iconic raptors in the world. With their impressive wingspan and striking white and dark grey plumage, these eagles are a sight to behold.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Experience

Join us on a tour and you might be lucky enough to witness the awe-inspiring sight of three White-bellied Sea Eagles circling above a colony of flying foxes. It's a scene that perfectly encapsulates the wild beauty of Australia and offers an unparalleled opportunity for bird watching and photography.

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