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Uncovering the Hidden Beauty of Berowra Valley Regional Park's Golden Cliffs

Updated: Apr 18

It wasn't an everyday occurrence to stumble upon something as spectacular as this right in your own backyard! These majestic, sculpted cliffs are nestled not too far from suburbia in the Berowra Valley Regional Park.

It has been a challenge for me to keep quiet about such a stunning location. Unfortunately, like many communities, vandalism from our generation in our area is rampant. During the Covid period, there was a shocking amount of graffiti here. I fear that this place will be destroyed one day soon, and it would be a massive loss for future generations, reminiscent of other sites in the area with indigenous art drawn or carved on the sandstone rock surfaces.

Regrettably, in our era of rapid urban development, many local natural treasures have already been lost. Information on previous inhabitants, their traditions, and culture is either scarce or lost forever.

I sincerely hope we can preserve this natural treasure. I've unofficially taken on the role of a temporary caretaker for this location, discreetly clearing rubbish from the nearby area on a weekly basis.

These cliffs are at their best during sunset. It's ideal to catch a glimpse just before the sun goes down, when hundreds of white cockatoos gracefully soar through the valley. The flight of the cockatoos is a daily ritual that has likely existed for thousands of years.

The location of these beautiful cliffs will remain a secret, adding to the mystique and protection of this hidden gem.

If you'd like to learn more about these cliffs, please watch my video titled "The Painted Cliffs of Berowra Valley Regional Park: A Virtual Adventure." This video offers a unique perspective as it was filmed as a virtual tour.

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