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New! Experience my virtual tour in your home...

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

For many of us, travel is out of bounds for the moment, but now there’s a new way to discover the world - virtual tourism!

All you need is fast internet connection, a mobile phone or a computer and you can experience a live tour in Sydney’s wilderness with me.

I suppose my background in video production and documentary making has helped with launching this new venture. I was a little hesitant to get back into sitting behind technology for a living. This is very different though. Bush walking and sharing the wonders of the Australian bush with guests via video streaming really is a heap of fun!

This has to be the ultimate in ecotourism! What can be less harmful to the environment than watching and talking to me, whilst I’m stumbling through the wilderness?

To be honest, some of the places I go walking through are a little treacherous, they’re off the trails and close to cliffs, or I’m exploring dark caves or trudging through difficult terrain. I’m not sure if my insurance would cover the "real" version of this tour.

Here’s a few things we see and do on the virtual tour:

  • discover ancient carvings, both aboriginal and early settlers

  • explore a cave and look for a hanging birds nest

  • find surreal cliff and rock formations - unknown to locals

  • learn about the indigenous people that lived here for ten’s of thousands of years

  • learn about Australian plants and animals

  • see the impact hat bush fires have on our region and how the environment has adapted to it

… and there’s so much more! Well, really there is too much to cram into a one hour session, so I guarantee that you won’t be bored!

The experience is streamed live with great picture quality and sound. I also use a gimbal to stabilise movement, so you don’t get that blerghh... seasick feeling.

You can ask me about the plants and animals we see, zoom in on things, show different you angles, taste that bug…

So far I’ve taken gusts from India, China, Japan, Holland and Malaysia on my tour. It’s a very different world that we live in now.

What’s next? I’m open to new ideas about more virtual tours,if you think of something please let me know.

Here are a few options that are already available for online tours:

- visit Sydney’s most beautiful beach

- exploring Sydney’s inner city - by bicycle

- Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Mrs Macquaries Chair tour

I also have different language options, as my wife is fluent in a few languages. We can translate live for guests speaking, Cantonese, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia.

Just drop me a message and I’ll make it happen!

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