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FREE Sydney Trip Planning - video chat with Matt

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Are you coming to Sydney and have no idea where to start? I can help you with a free 20 minute video chat to plan your Sydney holiday.

From attractions to visit, what to eat, things to or anything else you have in mind - just ask!

Many of my online and "real" guests have lots of questions to ask when on my tours. To make your life just a little bit easier, I figure I could be your trip planner in Sydney, assisting you before you get here.

I'm very passionate about this city and have a lot of local knowledge you won't find in travel brochures. I also love sharing what I know. As a Sydney tour guide, I have a lot of connections to other guides, tours, places to stay and visit. All you need is good internet connection, a mobile phone or a computer and I'll send you a link for our video chat. Contact me at and we'll get your trip to Sydney planned.

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