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Where to pick oranges in Sydney

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Young woman walking through orange orchard

Just back from a quick trip to Dooralong, where we had a fantastic time picking oranges in Sydney, we had a fantastic time picking the juiciest oranges you’ve ever tasted!

The orchard's about an hour and a half drive from Sydney, or if you're hanging out on the Central Coast, a breezy 40-minute hop from Gosford. The drive itself, winding through rolling hills, past picturesque dams, and alongside plenty of horses and cattle, is nothing short of breathtaking. We were blessed with a cloudless, azure blue winter sky – a real treat.

As you make your way to the orchard, you can't miss a vibrant little roadside market called Gloria's Stall. It's a colorful oasis that greets you with bright, unmissable signs. The produce there is top-notch, showcasing locally-grown citrus fruit, delightful preserves, and even some tantalizing kombucha treats. Gloria's Stall has been a beloved fixture in Dooralong Valley for over three decades!

Hand-written sign on side of the road

After a chat with Gloria herself, a wonderfully friendly local, I couldn't resist grabbing a bottle of the Royal Easter Show's award-winning sweet chili sauce. This stuff is delicious!

At the orange orchard, we were greeted by the farm's owners, who were just as friendly as Gloria. They gave us the lowdown on orange-picking etiquette, where to head for the best oranges, and where to go for the all-important weighing and payment. Really straightforward.

Customers perusing market stall

This particular Sunday, at the tail end of the school holidays, drew a decent crowd, maybe a hundred or so folks. But there's no need to worry about space – there's plenty of parking, picnic tables, and room to roam, making it feel like you have the whole orchard to yourself.

The place is a photographer's dream, so don't forget to bring your camera. The oranges are easy to pick; the ripe ones practically fall into your hand. You can easily pick a kilo of these beauties in just about 5 minutes – it's a fun workout for your fingers.

Young woman holding an orange on a tree

Once you've loaded up your bags with as many oranges as you can carry (don't forget to bring your own), head over to the farm owners to have your haul weighed.

We ended up picking over 12 kilograms, but at just $2.00 a kilo, our wallets didn't feel the pinch. Now, the only real dilemma is figuring out what to do with this mountain of delicious oranges!

Dooralong's "Pick Your Own Oranges" is a fantastic family outing. You can easily breeze through it in an hour, but the setting is so gorgeous, it's practically begging for a leisurely picnic lunch.

Pick Your Own Oranges at Dooralong is located at: 48 Dittons Rd, Dooralong NSW 2259 Gloria's Stall is located in Jilliby, 3kms before you get to the orange orchard.

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