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The Ultimate Day Trip for Sydney’s Best Lunch Spot

Updated: May 18

Plate of food and glass of wine on the beach
Spiced Cauliflower with Smoked Zucchini & Charred Eggplant

Feedback from many of my guests is that one of the highlights of the Nature and Wildlife Big Day Out tour is where we have lunch.

The Avoca Point Cafe is the ultimate lunchtime destination for sun, sand, and mouthwatering delights. Tucked away at the bottom floor of the Avoca Surf Club, this vibrant eatery has been stealing hearts since 2005. As a tour guide who loves bringing guests here, let me take you on a lively journey through the Avoca Point Cafe, where good vibes, great food, and beachfront fun collide!

Scrumptious Bites with a View

Prepare to be wowed as the Avoca Point Cafe immerses you in a beachside haven like no other. Picture yourself savouring scrumptious dishes while sitting in the warm sun with the soothing sound of crashing waves. This is beachside dining at its finest!

Hungry for a feast that will delight your taste buds? The Avoca Point Cafe has you covered with their diverse and drool-worthy menu, featuring locally-sourced ingredients. From hearty all-day breakfast options that keep you fueled for the rest of the day to lip-smacking burgers and the freshest fish 'n' chips in town, every craving will be satisfied.

But wait, there's more! Their menu has earned awards for its sensational dishes that perfectly complement the breathtaking coastal backdrop. It's a winning combination that will have you coming back for seconds.

At the Avoca Point Cafe, it's not just about the food—it's the entire experience. The staff knows how to make you feel like at home, with their friendly smiles and attentive service. Generous kid-friendly servings and nearby park ensure that everyone is happy and entertained.

The café's vibrant and lively atmosphere adds an extra layer of fun to your dining adventure. You're guaranteed to leave with a full belly, so forget your plans for a big dinner back in Sydney.

The Avoca Point Cafe is a slice of paradise where coastal beauty and culinary delights converge. Whether you're a local seeking a favorite haunt or a visitor exploring the Central Coast, this beachfront gem promises an unforgettable experience. With its unbeatable location, delectable menu, impeccable service, and family-friendly atmosphere, it's no wonder that the Avoca Point Cafe has captured the hearts and taste buds of locals and travelers alike for almost 20 years.

So, next time you find yourself longing for a beachside escapade complemented by extraordinary cuisine, why not indulge in a day trip to Avoca Point Cafe, Sydney's best lunch spot, where the soothing waves serenade you while you revel in an absolutely remarkable dining experience.

The Avoca Point Cafe is located right on the beach at Avoca, 10 Vine St, Avoca Beach. It's open daily from 7am-4pm. Book Online or Call 4382 2760 Download Avoca Point Cafe's current menu here

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