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Enchanting Berowra

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

YouTube's algorithms have spoken to me. It seems that my little niche of promoting guided tours in Sydney requires something a little different. Which is why I now have another series of videos running concurrently on my YouTube channel.

The Sydney Walks series are POV or "point of view" videos, showing my perspective when I'm on a walk in Sydney.

This video, Enchanting Berowra, is the first in the series. It's received a lot of attention in just a few days. It's a recording of my casual, early morning bush walk on one of my favourite local tracks.

I'm still ironing out some minor technical difficulties with the video production process. My sister pointed out that she could hear me panting as I'm walking up the hill. I increased the volume in this video so everyone can hear the bird sounds, but I forgot that it would amplify my heavy breathing.

I might go for a hike with a snorkel on next time ;)

I hope you enjoy this video. Please let me know if theres a walk in Sydney you'd like me to do!

Cheers, Matt


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