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Navigating Sydney's Wilderness: Meet Georgia, Our New Sydney Tour Guide

Updated: Apr 18

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Meet Georgia, your seasoned nature and wildlife tour guide, a Sydney local with an impressive background that extends far beyond the borders of Australia.

Growing up in the heart of Berowra, on the outskirts of Sydney, Georgia's childhood was a symphony of rustling leaves and melodic bird songs. Guided by her biologist grandparents, she discovered the secrets of Berowra Valley National Park, an enchanting realm that became her playground.

With a hometown rooted in nature, Georgia's connection to the land is profound, making her an ideal guide for those seeking an authentic and insightful experience.

Though Georgia is a lawyer by profession, her heart beats for the environment. Currently specializing in environmental law, she aspires to contribute to the preservation of national parks through policy and management. Her academic pursuits are not just a career choice; they are an embodiment of her commitment to safeguarding Australia's natural treasures for the generations to come.


Georgia's familiarity with Sydney’s national parks stems from her high school days in nearby Gosford. The extensive multi-day hikes she undertook as part of the Duke of Ed program molded her into a confident and competent hiker. These experiences, coupled with her grandparents' wealth of knowledge, have equipped her with a unique blend of legal acumen and on-the-ground wilderness expertise.


Taking a break from her legal career, Georgia spent the last 12 months exploring the wild terrains of New Zealand and South America. From self-supported hikes in New Zealand to an 8-day high-altitude adventure in Peru's Cordillera Huayhuash, she proved her mettle as an intrepid explorer. Not stopping there, Georgia volunteered in the Galapagos Islands, offering guided tours on a giant tortoise farm. Fluent in Spanish, she ensured that visitors, regardless of their language, could connect with the Galapagos' unique biodiversity.

With Georgia as your guide, you're not just on a tour; you're on a journey led by someone who lives and breathes nature. Her passion for conservation and global adventures make her the perfect companion for those seeking more than just a stroll through the bush. Prepare to be enthralled, and inspired as Georgia unveils the secrets of Berowra Valley National Park and beyond.

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