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Calabash Bay, Berowra Valley National Park - video

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

A short personal project video about canoeing in our local Calabash Bay. It's also one of the rare times I film in black and white.

Dense mangroves, eagles soaring overhead, deafening cicadas and majestic sandstone rock formations stand proudly in the river.

In this bay, Aboriginal people made their homes in the caves for thousands of years. In more recent times, early settlers moved in and claimed these caves as their homes. This is evident by some of the remains that can be found in the caves.

The area is rich in history and needs to be treated with respect. Yet, the developers have their sights set on this place.

Hopefully we get to keep it, just the way it is.

For more information on walks within the Berowra Valley, please visit the Berowra Valley National Park website.

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