• Matthew Urmenyhazi

Berowra by canoe - video

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

The rivers and creeks of Berowra Valley National Park are magical places to explore by canoe.

Within an hours drive north from the madness of Sydney city are silent rivers and creeks meandering through dense bush land.

In the cooler winter months, early morning mist rises from the water and the valley is obscured by a layer of fog.

In the summer months, the cicadas are deafening. Stingrays can be seen on the riverbeds and mullet (fish) jump out of the water in shimmers of light.

There is a forest here, accessible by canoe with trees over 700 years old.

Next to the forest is a cave, the home of one of the regions last remaining indigenous people. "King William" was known to have traded fish and other local produce for flour and fruit from nearby orchards.

I’m sure the valley is almost as beautiful now as what it was then.

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