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Where to find Aboriginal Art in Sydney

Updated: Apr 18

Aboriginal art engraved on a rock

In the heart of the Brisbane Water National Park, a hidden gem awaits those who venture off the beaten path. Just a short drive from the road connecting Kariong with Woy Woy lies the remarkable Bulgandry Aboriginal engraving site, a testament to Australia's rich indigenous heritage and a prime example of where to find Aboriginal art in Sydney.

Discovering Ancestral Artistry

At the heart of Bulgandry, a larger-than-life engraving of an ancestral hero emerges from the ancient sandstone canvas. Adorned with a distinctive head-dress and wielding a club or boomerang, this engraving offers a captivating glimpse into the Aboriginal culture's artistic prowess and storytelling traditions.

Preservation and Accessibility

Brisbane Water National Park authorities have meticulously balanced accessibility and conservation at this fragile, sacred site. Ensuring minimal environmental impact, they've made it easily accessible to visitors who seek to connect with Australia's indigenous history.

To reach the site, follow a short dirt road from the main route to a small car park. From there, embark on a 10-minute journey along a pebblecrete track, winding through pristine bushland. Always stay on the designated track and wooden pathway to safeguard the site's integrity.

Capturing the Perfect Moment

The magic of the engravings truly comes to life during the early morning or late afternoon when the sun casts long, dramatic shadows across the rocks. Overcast and rainy days also provide an ideal backdrop for exploring this ancient artistry.

Secrets in the Sandstone

Besides the main gallery, you'll discover small waterholes etched into the flat sandstone platform. A closer look reveals axe grinding grooves, evidence of the laborious process of shaping stone into axe heads. Water from these holes likely served as a lubricant during this ancient craft.

Aboriginal carving of a kangaroo

A Window into Aboriginal Traditions

The circular wooden path surrounding the primary gallery unveils a treasure trove of engravings. Wallabies, human figures, fish, dolphins, eels, and birds come to life in stone. Nearby human figures suggest a hunting scene, providing a window into the daily life and customs of Australia's indigenous peoples.

An Optional Stop on Your Australian Journey

Bulgandry Aboriginal Site offers a profound insight into Aboriginal traditions and is a compelling stop on the "Nature and Wildlife: Australia in One Day" tour. Explore the depths of history and culture that lie etched in stone at this sacred site.

For detailed information and directions, visit the National Parks & Wildlife Service page: Bulgandry Art Site Aboriginal Place

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