• Matthew Urmenyhazi

Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden can be found in Lavender Bay, a harbour side suburb on the lower North Shore of Sydney.

The easiest way to get here from the city is to get either a train or a ferry to Milsons Point.

Wendy Whiteley and her late, renowned artist husband Brett Whitley, set up their family home here in the 70s. This is also where Brett painted many of his iconic Sydney Harbour landscapes. After Brett Whitley died in 1992, as a way of coping with grief, Wendy took to the restoration and landscaping of this area which is next door to her home, which was once derelict railway land.

The Rail Corporation had no interest in doing anything with this space, and they raised no objections to her beautifying the area. The garden was treated like a giant painting, by structuring, planting, pruning, moving things around, and letting nature do its work.

Over a period of fifteen years, the garden has become a coveted spot for those who hear about it, with random benches in quiet spots, secluded paths, and a spectacular view to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Wendy Whitely's Secret Garden the perfect spot for quiet picnic and it’s free.

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