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Kariong Hieroglyphics Unveiled

Updated: Apr 19

Nestled amidst the Aussie bush just north of Sydney, there's a hidden gem that has everyone talking – the mysterious hieroglyphs of Kariong. Located in New South Wales, this curious site has intrigued adventurers and history buffs alike. So, let's take a stroll and see what all the buzz is about.

An Expedition Through Nature

Your journey to the enigmatic hieroglyphs kicks off with a delightful half-hour walk from the main road. While I've edited out some bits to keep things interesting, the drizzle only adds to the sense of adventure.

Finding your way there is a breeze thanks to trusty Google Maps. Head in the direction of Woy Woy from Kariong, and you'll spot a clearing on your left. Follow the trail, take a left at the fork, and keep an eye out for the imposing "Grandmother Tree." Not too far from this ancient sentinel, you'll stumble upon a rocky outcrop where the hieroglyphs await.

Decoding the Mystery

The hieroglyphs themselves are a fascinating puzzle, etched into the sandstone walls of the rocky outcrop.

Some enthusiasts claim that the carvings bear an uncanny resemblance to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. If this were true, it would suggest intriguing connections between ancient Egyptians and Australians. However, it's crucial to remember that these claims are far from universally accepted by experts.

Lack of Substantiated Evidence

So far, no solid archaeological or historical evidence has come to light to support the idea of an ancient Egyptian presence in Australia. Archaeologists and Egyptologists have yet to uncover convincing proof of any significant contact or colonization.

Modern Graffiti

The symbols and engravings on the rocks seem to be recent additions. These might have been created by an individual eager to promote the idea of an Egyptian presence in Australia.

It's disheartening to see an abundance of self-indulgent graffiti scattered across the Sydney bushland.

In my own backyard, near Berowra, there's an intriguing carving that dates back 130 years, crafted by George Collingridge, a local newspaper artist of his time. Collingridge passionately championed the belief that the first Europeans to set foot in Australia were Portuguese explorers.

Quite often, you'll encounter modern European graffiti adjacent to ancient Aboriginal artwork. Regrettably, this has been occurring since the 1900s.

I must admit to a healthy dose of skepticism regarding the hieroglyphs of Kariong. The debate surrounding their origin and authenticity may continue, but one undeniable truth remains — this trail offers a lovely and peaceful walk through the Australian bushland. So, whether you're a believer or a skeptic like me, taking a stroll to Kariong's hieroglyphs is a delightful excursion that connects you with nature and the mysteries of the past.

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