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Kariong Hieroglyphs

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Come for a walk (like an Egyptian) in the drizzling rain to Kariong's mysterious hieroglyphs.

Kariong is just north of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia and it has what many believe are ancient hieroglyphs carved into the rock face. Let’s take a walk there and have a look for ourselves.

It's about half an hours walk from the main road. Although in this video, I edited out some sections as I thought it might get a little monotonous for the viewer.

It's quite easy to find on Google Maps. From Kariong drive towards down Woy Woy, there's a clearing on your left. Follow the trail, turn left at the fork and head towards the big "Grandmother Tree". A short distance beyond that is a rocky outcrop, the trail goes straight to the carvings.

I've been here quite a few times before, it's a nice easy walk to get to the carvings. There's a little scramble over rocks at the end, but nothing too challenging.

Stick around for the end though because the carvings are pretty impressive.

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