REVIEWS: Sydney Private Tour Featuring Wilderness, Wildlife, Waves, Waterfalls & Wine

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Loved this unique tour!

Five stars

Susan G
Mar 20, 2020

Matt is a great guy! He took us out into the natural areas surrounding Sydney and we really got to see the best of the area.

We walked through the bush (what Aussies call the bush is what Americans call the woods or forests) and saw beautiful birds like lorikeets, galahs, parrots and we even saw lyre birds in two different places - Wow!

Plus Matt showed us some Aboriginal stone carvings as well as places where the Aboriginals had sharpened their tools. He also shared interesting information about local plants and trees.

We walked some beautiful beaches - ones that are much better than the well known Bondi - and we trekked over the rocks on one of the beaches to see waves crashing against the cliffs and fascinating honeycomb sort of shaped erosion in the stone along the cliffs.

We had lunch at a local restaurant that served wonderful seafood and overlooked a river that provided the perfect combination of food, drink, cool breezes and scenic views.

We also visited a couple of wildlife sanctuaries to see the unique Australian wildlife including kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, dingos, Tasmanian devils, one the emu was leading the way along the path!

To top it all off, Matt took us to beautiful waterfalls before bring us back to our hotel in the city.

Matt is well-informed and passionate about the beauty and wildlife surrounding Sydney - you must do this tour! We loved it and wished we had our grandkids with us as they would have loved it as well!

A personalized look into Australia with expert guidance from a passionate local

Five star rating

Mar 1, 2020

This tour is a hand-crafted experience from a very passionate, personable, and genuine tour guide. Matt has created a tour schedule that allows him to pick you the doorstep of your residence (whether it is your home, an AirBnB, or hotel), give you the history of the region, show you Aboriginal carvings on sandstone that date 20,000-40,000 years, take a mild hike into the wonderful bush in the small town where he resides (Berowra), travel to the wild-life reserve where you pet Kangaroos, Emus (Happy Feet is great!), and see the other regional wildlife, have lunch at a waterside restaurant at a discount, see 3 wonderful beaches with a nice seashore hike, and a waterfall prior to dropping you back off at where you're staying.

The thing with Matt's trip is it is fluid and very accomodating. I would not recommend it to those who do not like a hike, but if you love the outdoors, the sound of waves crashing, and the wonderful landscape of Australia, then this is the tour made for you. Additionally, Matt's company is unbelievable (we enjoyed his company so much, we insisted he join us for lunch! He was hesitant and respectful, but eventually agreed to our non-stop requests) and he teaches the local lingo, knows good facts about local things, and will guide you through the etiquettes of the country if you are not aware, as well. Most importantly, he finalizes the tour with special things, such as stopping in the middle of the trip for some ice cream/gelato that we saw or gifting a bottle of wine to my wife and me after hearing how enthused we have recently become with wine. These are the qualities that set this tour apart from others.

So if you want a personal tour with invaluable company, then Matt's Sydney Secrets tour is meant for you.

Perfect nature day trip out of Sydney

Five star rating

Larisa T
Mar 16, 2020

We spent the day with Matt, having come in for a day from a cruise ship. I was with my retired parents.


Matt was incredible! He was very personable, full of interesting information, and fun to spend the day with.


We were able to see amazing sights, that regular tours do not see. We loved all of the stops on the trip: the ancient carvings, the bush walk, the chance to pet kangaroos and emus, the waterfall, and the 3 beaches, each unique and beautiful.


For most of the trip, we were off the normal tourist stops, seeing just a few locals enjoying the nature.


We couldn't have found a more perfect tour guide. Thank you Matt!

Aboriginal Carvings, Exotic Wildlife and Stunning Coastlines all tourist FREE!

Five star rating

Mary Catherine
Mar 16, 2020

This tour was EXCELLENT! If you are looking for something off the beaten tourist path, this is for you.


We spent the day observing Australia's natural beauty on remote coastlines and natural bush. We interacted with wildlife from kangaroos in the bush to observing seals playing off the coastline.


Matt is an fantastic tour guide and a great person, he's knowledgeable about Australia's history and natural environment and was lovely to spend the day with.

I will recommend this tour to anyone visiting Sydney!

Fun day!

Five star rating

Feb 27, 2020

Matt was a knowledgable and fun guide. He adjusted the tour to our requests and took us to the places we were interested in
seeing. I highly recommend Matt for your tour of Sydney and would definitely use his services again.

First Trip to Sydney

Five star rating

Jorge A
Feb 24, 2020

Such a wonderful tour. I felt like I got the glimpse into Australian life that is probably impossible to get on a group tour. I highly
recommend this excursion.

Fun, Personalized Private Tour Outside Sydney

Five star rating

Feb 22, 2020

We had a wonderful time with Matt which started and ended right on time. We were initially a group of 4 and then last minute, had to increase our group size to 5. Matt was very accommodating and made everything easy - from adding one more person to our group, to stopping for coffee, to making changes to our itinerary as the weather changed throughout the day.

I really appreciated how Matt paid attention to everyone's interest and shared information that he thought each one would find meaningful. Spending the day with Matt as a tour guide was like spending the day with an old friend who spent a lot of time in Australia's great outdoors. He brought us close enough to nature to enjoy it, but not too far that it was inconvenient. My favorite part of the trip was being able to touch Wallabies and going to a beautiful waterfall. We also all had fun during the drive listening to music and sharing stories.

I highly recommend this tour to families and groups of friends who want to explore Australia beyond Sydney as a private group. Can't wait to go back on this tour with other members of my family!

A Must Do Sydney Area Tour

Five star rating

Feb 18, 2020

Our guide, Matt, was absolutely awesome. As a native of the area surrounding Sydney, he has a wealth of information to share.


Sydney is inhabited by 5 million people so to be able to see surroundings pristine beaches, wildlife and history with someone who knows the area so well is great.


Matt adjusted our tour to accommodate mobility issues and included an area we especially wanted to see. He supplied some lovely local wine or water for our stops.


Worth every penny. Thanks Matt.

Wonderful day

Five star rating

Rick P
Feb 5, 2020

What a wonderful day! Matt our guide was excellent sharing his knowledge and secret hidden treasures.


Matt promised the day would keep getting better and it did. We started the day seeing aboriginal carvings and then to an animal sanctuary able to see Emu, kangaroos, wallabies and koala bears- we were able to get up close and pet the kangaroos and wallabies.


The afternoon was truly wonderful- no words to describe the beauty of Pearl beach and Avoca Bay!!!


Remember to bring swimsuits, water shoes and towels and let Matt show you the best of Australia.

Best option to understand real Sydney.

Five star rating

Jung Woo
Jan 26, 2020

저는 가족들과 해당 프로그램을 함께했습니다. 아는만큼 보고 본만큼 느낄 수있듯이 가이드인 Matt는 시드니 시티뿐만이 아닌 외곽의 정말 현지인들만 아는 장소를 그 배경지식과 함께 편안하게 둘러보고 느낄수 있도록 해주었습니다. 왠지 호주 현지에 사촌분이 관광시켜주신 것 같이 정답고 친절하셨습니다. 마지막에는 제가 차에 실수로 놓고간 안경집까지도 챙겨주셔서 너무 감사했습니다.

I’ve attended this well organized program with my family. This tour reminded me the sentence of my favorite travel essay ‘You could see as much as you know, you could feel as much as you see’.


Mr. Matt, the guide of this program, provided very comfortable itinerary to cover the internal and external Sydney city. Whole visited spots with his detailed explanations were awesome, if I hadn’t participated in this tour, I couldn’t have seen those beautiful sights.

In additionally Mr. Matt is very Kind and professional guide. Me and my family were really happy with his tour.

Toller Tag mit Matt in Australiens herrlicher Natur

Five star rating

Mar 24, 2020

Toller Tag mit Matt in Australiens herrlicher Natur

Wir kommen gerade von einer Reise nach Australien zurueck und denken ganz begeistert an unseren Tag mit Matt im "Bush". Es war einfach Klasse was er uns gebietet hat. Er holte uns puenktlich ab und zeigte uns aboriginalle Zeichen im Stein, die hoechst interessantund nicht einfach zu finden waren. Und dann sahen wir einheimische Tiere, Kangeruh, Emu u.a., die mir besonders gefallen haben und auf meiner Wunschliste waren. Nach dem Mittagessen, in einem toll gelegenem Lokal am Wasser, sahen wir wunderhuebsche Straende und Buchten. Und das Tuepfelchen auf dem "i" war, Wein und Schololade an einem romantischen Wasserfall, Alles war bestens geplant bei Matt, Danke Matt, Edda

Google translation - German- English ...

We have just returned from a trip to Australia and are very enthusiastic about our day with Matt in the "Bush".
It was just great what he offered us.

He picked us up on time and showed us Aboriginal engravings in stone that were extremely interesting and not easy to find. We saw local animals, kangaroos, emus and others that I particularly liked and were on my wish list.

After lunch, in a great location by the water, we saw beautiful beaches and bays. The dot on the "i" was wine and chocolate at a romantic waterfall!

Everything was well planned by Matt

Thanks Matt,


Learn From a Knowledgeable Local

Five star rating

Joel D
Feb 24, 2020

I can't say enough good about Matt and his spectacular tour.


Matt grew up in this area of Australia and has a deep appreciation and love for the land and its many inhabitants.


He is very knowledgeable of the history, plants, animals, and people of this region. And he's just a great guy to be around. I can't imagine a better tour guide.

Highlight of our Sydney trip

Five star rating

Feb 19, 2020

Matt picked us up right on time at our Sydney Hotel and gave us a wonderful day of exploring the countryside North of the city. We saw everything as described in the listing, plus a few other things. It was raining part of the day so some of the walking excursions were cut short, but Matt substituted other stops. He is a very knowledgeable guide and really loved sharing his experiences. Lunch at the Woy Woy restaurant was great. I would highly recommend this one day getaway to see the other side of Sydney.

Excellent Day getting outside of Sydney

Five star rating

Feb 18, 2020

We were scheduled to go to the Blue Mountains, but the trip was cancelled due to the fires.


How lucky we were to find this tour, and that it was available on very short notice!


Matt picked us up at our hotel right on time in a rental car. He told us that all his worldly goods were packed in his car and ready to evacuate if necessary due to the fires. However, he never let the threat of the fires dampen his mood.


Our day began with photos of the Sydney Opera House and Bridge, then we proceeded to leave the city to have a day full of adventure.


We saw aboriginal carvings, went for a fun and interesting walk in the bush, visited the Wildlife Park and saw native animals (including getting to pet a koala!), visited some beautiful and remote beaches, had a delicious lunch in Woy Woy, possibly stopped a crime in the making thanks to Matt's quick actions, and had a blast at the Distillery Botanica. Matt even made an out-of-the-way stop for us at Dan Murphy's in Erina.


We learned about bin chickens and that Australian opossoms are cute. Even though we didn't save any baby sharks, thank you, Matt, for a FANTASTIC day!

A fabulous day

Five star rating

Vickie S
Feb 5, 2020

After three days in the city, it was time for a change. Matt was on time at the hotel. Super friendly and flexible. Willing to customize on the spot. It was like having a friend spend the day with you, showing all the secrets the bigger tours don’t.

The beaches were fantastic; no tourists, just a few locals. A great way to spend the day.

The only tour you need!!

Five star rating

Adrian C
Jan 14, 2020

If you only had a day or 2 in Australia, this is the only tour you need to experience all things Aussie. We got picked up in a private, comfortable vehicle, by our super-friendly, knowledgeable and polite guide Matt, and off we went. Matt took us to the best pristine beaches on the Central Coast. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the sun, surf and sand - just like the locals and sure beats trudging around in Sydney city hustle and bustle (which is what we woyld have done if not for this tour) Lunch was at an amazing and reasonably-priced restaurant on the water watching ..... huge pelicans!!!!! What a treat it was for us. The town itself was a lovely quaint little coastal town. Did I mention we got to pat free-roaming kangaroos and emus???

There were also koalas, dingos, birds, wombats, reptiles. We hate seeing animals in cages and used for human amusement so we were very pleased when Mat took us to this wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary closely simulated the animal's natural environment and conservation was a big part of the park's work. Matt took us on a walk through the beautiful bushland where we took the best family photos overlooking a valley, and we had a great time discovering Aboriginal carvings! If history is you thing Matt also includes a brief history lesson. He really knew his way around and his passion shines through. Thank you Matt for showing us "your back yard" and creating our Australian memories.

Best tour in Sydney

Five star rating

David X
Jan 12, 2020

I have just arrived from Matt's tour of nature and wildlife in Sydney and, if I could, I would do it again tomorrow.


We hiked to discover amazing aboriginal carvings, visited a wildlife park in which I literally cuddled and hugged kangaroos and wallabies, walked around beautiful non-touristy beaches and contemplated astonishing views of the cliffs in the Central Coast.

We even had a fantastic swim in one of them.


In sum, Matt will help you to discover hidden Australian treasures which are incredibly close to the city. I do not usually go on tours when travelling (I normally backpack around) but I am incredibly happy I did.


Rather than a touristic tour, this is an authentic one-day trip organised by a genuine traveller. If you are planning to book just one tour during your stay in Sydney, forget about the Blue Mountains and do this tour with Matt. You will not regret it!

The best trip we had in Australia

Five star rating

Uri V
Jan 12, 2020

My wife and I came to Sydney during the Bushfires, and we didn't know what to expect.


We booked a trip with Matt and he picked us up in the morning. The trip was awesome and I am very happy he worked on our timing and our interests. I loved the flexibility on our tour and it felt like a road trip ...


Even though there were ravaging fires during our stay, Matt did everything possible to show us the best time and augmented our trip to likes and interested and showed us the parts of Sydney we would have never seen if it was for this tour. He got a private tour of places we would only see if an old friend who lives in the area showed us around.


He made Sydney feel like home, and we will be coming back.


Thank you!

Fantastic Tour

Five star rating

Jan 04, 2020

Highly recommend this tour! All of the destinations truly highlight the beauty of the surrounding coastlines, culture, & nature.


Experiencing this tour with Matt, a fun local who is passionate about this area because it is a second home to him, definitely provides a memorable, unique experience. Especially visiting from Hawaii and understanding culture, the aloha spirit, and the true beauty that surrounds us, I wouldn’t have expected anything less.


It would be hard to define a favorite part but the cliffs are definitely breathtaking along with the crystal clear waters. In addition, the Koala is a remarkable creature. The kangaroos are pleasant as well but then again the wallaby was just as cute.


This was the loveliest day on my trip and in the future I would hope to take another tour with Matt to see other hidden gems in his backyard!

Great, unique experience

Five star rating

March, 2020

Beautiful landscapes I would’ve never known about or been able to visit, Matt has a great understanding of the Australian bush! Petting kangaroos was amazing! Still can’t believe they just hop along next to you as walk through the sanctuary!

Unforgettable day with unforgettable guide

Five star rating

March, 2020

If you have any appreciation for beautiful nature and are curious about the environmental & cultural heritage of the Sydney area, go ahead and book now! Matt was attentive, passionate about this work, and an endless source of knowledge and good humor.

Matthew was a really
good tour guide

Five star rating

February, 2020

He was very friendly & seemed like he knew a lot about the places we went & other local tips. On my flight to Sydney they lost my luggage, Matthew was nice enough to show me some pretty good secondhand store and another store that had some really good stuff! I definitely recommend this experience especially for one of your first days in Sydney to see some of the sights around the city!

Matthew was a great guide

Five star rating

February, 2020

I really enjoyed the beautiful waterfalls, lunch by the water and the beautiful beaches. My day with Matthew was very memorable. I would highly recommend him!

Matt was a fantastic tour guide!

Five star rating

February, 2020

I joined his tour after another cancelled on me last minute for being the only person signed up. Matt not only ran his tour as a 1v1 experience, but gave me a personalized day throughout the greater Sydney area. We saw animals, visited multiple beaches, learned about the culture and really got to understand what made Australia unique and amazing. It was truly a wonderful day and one to remember.

Wonderful experience!

Five star rating

February, 2020

Matt was a great tour guide with a passion for sharing his knowledge of nature. Loved it all...the bush walk, animals and beaches. It was a great opportunity to get outside the city. Highly recommend if you are looking for a personal and unique way to experience Sydney/Australia.

Highly recommended!

Five star rating

February, 2020

Excellent experience. Matthew is amazingly knowledgeable and energetic. The aboriginal rock carving, the chances of close to wild animals and the beautiful beaches he led us to are absolutely unique experience , far away from tourists, which even local people seldom know. My husband felt excited when he touched the kangaroos and the ostriches. I was fascinated by the big waves on the Avoca Beach.

He won our hearts...

Five star rating

Sandra & Melanie
February, 2020

Do you want to spend a fun day exploring beautiful beaches, getting close to cockatoos & kangaroos and discovering aboriginal carvings? Matt will tailor his tour to your interests and adapt to your pace (even if you are really slow, feeling the need to document every inch of stunning rock formation).


He won our hearts (he did have wine and chocolate... and a good taste in music) and we were actually sad to return to the city in the evening.


We strongly recommend this tour! Thank you, Matt, for the great day and photos!

Custom designed trip!

Five star rating

February, 2020

Amazing experience. we take photoes with kangaroo,find some carving of aboriginal about four thousand year ago! we reach the beautiful beach in far north Sydney with rare persons.

Amazing experience!

Five star rating

January, 2020

This truly is a once in a lifetime experience, if you want to see what Australia is all about in one day this is the experience to do so. Matt is super knowledgeable and is a great load of fun! He kept the trip lively the entire time and took me to many places that tourists and locals have no idea about. The lunch at the fish market overlooking the lake was great as well! Fantastic trip, highly recommend to anyone wanting to see what all Australia has to offer.

Great tour of Sydney

Five star rating

March, 2020

Amazing tour beginning with pickup at our hotel, feeding birds in the park, and being taken to places few tourists ever visit. Lots of information and sights, I highly recommend this tour!


If we ever get to travel back to Australia, I would definitely use Matt for another outing!