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  • Matthew Urmenyhazi

The car behind the tour

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Old "Klugie" the Toyota Highlander has just had a make-over. Guests can now travel in "presidential" style.

For some strange reason, in Australia, Toyota Highlanders are called Toyota Klugers. Kluger means "clever man" in German. I think it's because the name Highlander was already taken.

Anyway, I picked up old Klugie a few years ago. She had 300,000km on the clock, but still purred like a kitten. Not too long ago though, in a torrential downpour, on the side of the expressway, Klugie decided to kick the bucket. Time for a new engine. A few months later, Klugie now has a new engine with 70,000km on the clock. She's a teenager now!

I've also given her a complete make over, including new luggage racks and a nice new sound system for guests to play their favourite tunes on. Sweet Home Alabama seems to be a favourite for my American guests.

Part of this new look was to incorporate a new logo to suit the vehicle. Klugie is vaguely similar to the US President's vehicle already, so why not go all the way?

At first glance the new logo I designed looks like the US Presidential Seal, but on closer inspection, it bears a cockatoo holding two Australian native flowers. On the left hand side is the golden wattle, the national flower of Australia. On the right hand side is the waratah, which is the state flower of New South Wales.

Klugie now turns a few heads and I get a few beeps whenever I drive into town. When it's time to pick up guests I put the Australian and Aboriginal flags on the bonnet to complete the look.

Guests often have their photo taken next to the car, in the foyer of their hotel. It's a big hit! However, it's very easy to take off the flags and logo if you would prefer to travel incognito.

I look forward to taking you on tour with the new Klugie.

Cheers, Matt

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