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A rock carving in Berowra - video

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

I’ve always been fascinated about the rock carvings in Berowra.

Recently, I’ve heard rumours from the old timers that have lived for generations down by the river, that there are ancient Aboriginal carvings to be found upstream.

It’s taken me a while to find this site and after following vague directions from the finger points of locals, I finally found the elusive and incredible carvings.

At the time of recording this video I assumed that it was a carving of a giant whale.

I’ve since been told, by a descendant of the Aboriginal people in this area, this...

"It is a carving of a giant fish. It marks the spot in the river where big fish can’t swim upstream any further due to the sandbanks."

For more information on walks within the Berowra Valley, please visit the Berowra Valley National Park website.

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