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Coming soon... a virtual online hike in the wilderness

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

yellow flower
These places are too good not to share!

Current travel restrictions have changed travel plans for many of us. The ecotourism industry, like many others, has been devastated. Many of my guests were overseas visitors and now they are unable to visit the shores of Australia. Until now...

Very soon, I will be taking guests on an online experience and sharing the beauty in our hidden valleys. You will be able to immerse yourself in tours of Sydney's wilderness from the comfort of your lounge!

It's been a little while in development and it's taken a bit of trail and error to get it perfect. I must have looked like a nutcase, pacing up and down the Berowra Valley National Park, talking to myself in the phone camera, checking the volume and internet connection.

It's been worth it. Virtual tours are coming - yay!!!

You will be able to join me and immerse yourself in the wonders of the Australian "bush".

On this tour I do a fair bit of "bush bashing" (hiking away from the trails) so every one hour trip is completely different and full of surprises.

We’ll look for mysterious carvings and find majestic, sculptured cliffs hidden in the national park. There are no people where we are going, just plants and animals in a beautiful and dramatic landscape.

You won’t be bitten or stung on our walk, but perhaps I will.

Stay tuned... :)

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