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The cliffs of Berowra Valley National Park - video

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

It's not everyday that you find something as spectacular as this, right in your backyard!

These majestic, sculptured cliffs are located not too far from suburbia in the Berowra Valley National Park. It has been very hard for me to keep quiet about such a stunning location.

As with all communities, vandalism from our generation in our area is rampant. During the Covid period there has been a shocking amount of grafitti here. I'm terrified that this place will be destroyed one day soon.

It will be a massive loss for future generations.

Unfortunately, in our times of rapid urban development, many local, natural treasures have been lost. I've know of enormous ancient carvings in our local residents backyards.

Information on previous inhabitants, their traditions and culture is scarce... or it has been lost forever.

I hope we can hang on to this natural treasure.

I've unofficially adopted the role of temporary caretaker for this location, discreetly clearing rubbish out from the nearby area on a weekly basis.

These cliffs are best seen at sunset. It's best to view them just before the sun goes down, when hundreds of white cockatoos fly past in the valley.

The flight of the cockatoos a daily ritual that has probably existed for thousands of years.

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