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Berowra, my backyard - video

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

A personal project showing the infinite backyard playground for children living on the edge of Sydney. Eco tourism can play a small part in bringing people a little bit closer to nature, benefiting both humanity and the natural environment.

I was fortunate to be blessed with growing up with the bush for a backyard.

I hope the children of future generations experience the joys of growing up in the wilderness that my generation had.

Unfortunately, this generation is an indoor one. Fixated on digital devices for entertainment and "education".

Sydney's bush land playground really is paradise for a young person to grow up in. It's a place where the amount of fun to have is only limited by your imagination.

It's a place where it is impossible to become bored. You learn what your strengths and limits are, building a deep respect for the elements of nature.

There are caves to discover, trees to climb, creeks to fish in, frogs to catch, cubby houses to build... if you're very lucky, you will have parents like mine were, who will let you stay overnight in the caves you find.

Many of my tour guests and newcomers to Australia ask me if there are snakes and spiders in this area.

"They're dangerous and everywhere" they say, "how can you walk through such a wild place without protective clothing?"

Yes, there are very dangerous animals here, but it would be an very rare occurrence to encounter one.

All the animals here in Australia are mostly non-aggressive, far more fearful for their own lives than what humans are.

It's a real shame that this generation is raised with an irrational fear of the bush.

I believe that the consequences of our actions as parents and teachers to focus away from nature, will further damage our natural environment. The mess of any modern, asphalt and concrete jungle is now accepted as a normal way of living.

I'd like to bring the bush back into our children's lives.

For information on the Berowra Valley, please visit the Berowra Valley National Park website.

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