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Australian food

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

This video has a serious look at what food Australians consume regularly, often bleary-eyed on the way home from a pub or after a late night getting hammered...

Let me introduce to you, the humble pie.

Serving customers for over 80 years, Harry’s Café de Wheels has served countless celebrities including Elton John, Prince Harry Frank Sinatra and Elton John.

The original caravan cafe is where these delicious pies are served is located in Wooloomooloo, right next to the Ovolo Hotel on the wharf.

Out of all the pie shops in Sydney, the pies and chips from Harry's are my family's favourite.

Here's a short story from Harry's Cafe De Wheels website:

"It all began with Harry “Tiger” Edwards, who’s frustrations in finding a good late-night snack, led him to open a caravan café near the front gates of Woolloomooloo naval dockyard in Sydney, Australia. He named it ‘Harry’s Café de Wheels’ - a rather bold gesture at the time to the local city council whose laws required him to move the caravan a minimum of 12 inches a day. His courage, and proven skills as a boxer, earned himself the nickname “Tiger” - a name passed down to his iconic pie - which is still served in its original location in Woolloomooloo, alongside a growing number of outlets across the globe including a growing fleet of caravan cafés (that move a“little” more than 12 inches a day)."


The video is an excerpt from a podcast with my good friend Corey Richard from the Travel Secret VIPS Positive Travel Community on Facebook.

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