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Aboriginal carvings - video

Updated: Apr 19

The NATURE AND WILDLIFE BIG DAY OUT visits many beautiful and interesting locations that even locals don't know about.

Hidden in the bushland are Aboriginal rock carvings engraved into the sandstone rock platforms.

They are said to represent the footprints of Baiame.

After doing a little research I found some interesting information in Wikipedia...

"In Aboriginal mythology, the story tells how Baiame came down from the sky to the land and created rivers, mountains, and forests. He then gave the people their laws of life, traditions, songs, and culture. When he had finished, he returned to the sky and people called him the Sky Hero or All Father or Sky Father."

These impressive carvings are some of the best to be found in Berowra area, yet very few locals know about them.

For more information on walks within the Berowra Valley, please visit the Berowra Valley National Park website.

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