Explore the Australian Wilderness

Have a one-on-one conversation with Matt, live-streaming on location in real time.

Come exploring and find hidden natural treasures in the wild valleys that surround Sydney. Learn about Australia's plants and animals and discover majestic sculptured cliffs and caves unknown to locals!

We'll explore the unique, natural beauty of the Berowra Valley National Park. We go far off the beaten path, where there are no people or tracks. This is just us, immersed in a beautiful and dramatic landscape.

"You won't be bitten or stung on our walk, but there's a good chance that I will!" - Matt
  • Look into dark caves for animals from the end of my selfie stick. You're going in first!
  • Peer into birds nests in the honeycombed cliff face from the end of my selfie stick!
  • Discover the secret golden cliffs that locals don't know about!
Available for US residents only.
Other countries email:
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Five star rating

I don't know where to begin in how incredible this was.
March 5, 2021

My mother and I had an unforgettable 1 hour wilderness nature experience with Matt. Every inch of the trail had something beautiful and interesting. SIGN.UP.NOW. We had Matt - Thank you SO much Matt for sharing the beauty of Berowra and the indigenous people who lived there for thousands of years. You are beyond informed - the respect you have for the land and what you do, and your passion for educating others, is clearly felt!

Five star rating

Fantastic wilderness walk
February 6, 2021

Matt is a great guide. He really knows a lot about the area, the history and the plant and animal life present there. He is also friendly and easy to talk with. Simply an amazing experience all around. Highly recommended!

Five star rating

Fantastic "visit"
March 27, 2021

We really enjoyed this experience. Our host was very knowledgeable and friendly. We had a great interaction with him. We would highly recommend this experience. I felt that we got more value for the trip than what we paid. The scenery is absolutely beautiful as well. We highly recommend this visit.

Five star rating

Loved this experience!
February 22, 2021

If you are on the fence about trying an Amazon Explore experience, this is a great one to start with. Matt was very knowledgeable, fun and entertaining. The scenery was amazing and unique. Matt knew a lot about the local flora and fauna (he had nice pop-up photos of the animals since they weren't there at the time) and history of the area. I had a wonderful time. Totally worth it.

Five star rating

Fun tour!
February 6, 2021

Matt was very personable and it was fun speaking with him. He shared a lot of interesting information about the area, plants, and animals. We really enjoyed the experience and recommend the tour to others.

Five star rating

Beautiful Summer Wilderness Walk
February 9, 2021

Our family had a very enjoyable and educational walk in the Australian wilderness with Matt. He was a fun and energetic host with a vast knowledge of the flora and fauna in the area. We checked out caves and learned a bit of history along the way as well. It was a gorgeous summer day in Australia which lifted our spirits as well. Matt has a great sense of humor and we had a great trip to the land Down Under -- Thank you Matt!

Five star rating

Virtual Travel Fun!
March 3, 2021

We had a great time “traveling” with Matt! This was our first Amazon Explore experience and we had so much fun checking out Australia. Matt was a great guide and show us some interesting caves, plants and bugs. Would love to do the tour in person one of the days. I’m also fascinated with the technology. Great experience!

Five star rating

One of the best experiences you can have
March 25, 2021

I had a wonderful time with this amazing guide you should let him show you his area you won't regret it!

Five star rating

Exploring the Outback!
January 16, 2021

I had such a wonderful experience exploring all of the different flora and fauna. Matt was an excellent guide and went out of his way to give me a great experience. There were so many amazing things to see and Matt's in-depth information was helpful.

Five star rating

Great tour
April 6, 2021

Matt's tour of Berowra park near Sydney is super interesting and fun. Lots of interesting plants and wildlife. Matt does a great job of explaining the history and characteristics of the plants. I know, hearing about plants probably sounds boring to some, but it's interesting - and I'm not a plant person.

I got to see a lot of wildlife too: a giant spider, a wallabee, some giant poisonous ants, and a beehive up close. Matt puts the camera on an extension pole so we can get close.

Five star rating

We learned so much!!
February 22, 2021

So happy I booked this experience! I brought my 8yr old daughter along and we had a blast! Matt is extremely sweet, enthusiastic and very funny! We learned a lot and had a great time. We learned so many things about the area and the different animals that live there. He also taught us about the many different types of vegetation and of their many uses. I have always wanted to go to Australia and I most definitely will be booking Matt’s group for an in-person tour when I go!!

Five star rating

Excellent guide, gorgeous views, interesting facts! Totally recommended!
February 28, 2021

We had the best time with Matt today. He's a fantastic host and guide. He's super knowledgeable about the area and all the flora, fauna and Aboriginal uses for the plants. His style is very engaging... he's funny, and even my 13 year old was into it the whole time. Can't say enough good things. It's well worth your time and money. Excellent look at the beautiful bushland outside Sydney with an very personable guide, and you might just learn some cool facts! Oh, and we saw a wallaby (it was a blur as it hopped by but cool none- the-less).

Five star rating

Great quality pictures and hilarious guide
April 11, 2021

Matt was an amazing tour guide and had my wife and I laughing so hard at times! I highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in traveling to Australia as he provides detailed information on the history of the culture, wildlife and fuana.

Five star rating

Great Photos!
March 27, 2021

Great way to explore places while we are all stuck at home. Our guide was wonderful sharing all the features of the outback and we even saw a wild wallaby!!! Beautiful scenery, lovely stories from our guide and a trip we will book in person once we are able to get out again. Highly recommend booking this session!

Five star rating

We took almost 100 pics on this tour!!!!
March 26, 2021

Matt was an amazing host! There aren't enough words to describe how much we love this tour! He was so genuinely engaged with us! He really loves The Bush and told us so many cool facts about it. We loved him so much we want to do this tour weekly! So much fun.... and he is full of surprises! By far my favorite experience so far on Amazon Explore!!

Five star rating

Great tour of Berowra Park
February 8, 2021

While this is just outside the Sydney area, it's a beautiful park with lots of interesting creature and plants to explore with Matt. It's astounding to do this live from the other side of the world. Video quality is amazing and Matt was engaging and great at showing the sights along with pictures, video and commentary - all live!

Five star rating

Enjoyable time in nature!
April 10, 2021

Matt is hilarious and so knowledgeable. I can tell he enjoys conducting these tours. Thanks for an awesome virtual trip and will definitely book again.